How it All Began!

Fanfare Shelties own Sandy & Craig Staffan in San Antonio,Texas.

In 1974 Cory, a sheltie clad in a plain brown wrapper, came to live with us and stirred the interest in learning about this wonderful breed and went on to gain the title of Utility Dog.   Tony UD was added to our family in 1979 and his son Cody UD in 1984.  The day Cory finished his UD, Sandy visited Betty Whelen of Pocono to see the lovely "Lacy" and talk shelties.   Kensington Silver Attire, the dam of our first litter, was purchased from Betty in 1983, the proud mom of the first Fanfare Champion, Ch Fanfare's Incumbent UD, better known as "Mac" (the head study of the Fanfare Logo on this page).  We hope you enjoy meeting "Mac" and some of his kids and grandkids and Performance dogs that we placed in loving homes and our fur-kids of today.   We are indebted to those that helped novices have a great beginning - the late Betty Whelen, Ed Sanchez, Fred Bisaquino, and the services of Peggy Looney's Ch Sienna Catch A Dream.

The pages of time have been kind to us and the Lord has given us His gift of love through the shelties. Although we no longer breed shelties, we are active in agility.

ASSA Member

I, Sandy, am an ASSA member, one of the founders of the SSC of Greater Fort Worth when we lived in Ft. Worth, and an Honorary Member of the Fun-Tier Kennel Club of Greater Killeen (which has been re-named Bell County Kennel Club in 2008) where I served as the Training Director for four years and Vice-President for one term before moving to San Antonio in 1998.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Puppy Kindergarten Class and all levels of Advanced Obedience Classes of Novice, Open, Utility, and Conformation. As a judge of the Shetland Sheepdog, I look forward to meeting other Sheltie Fanciers and Breeders and their beautiful shelties from all parts of the United States.  Craig was always there to load and unload the show equipment and now we both traded in the tack box for room for the agility leads and treats for good performances in the agility arena - best show in the dirt.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mike Weiner at Pseudo Site for bringing the Fanfare Sheltie Showcase to life. With his tutorials and encouragement, the pages are now designed & maintained by
Sandy Staffan of Fanfare Shelties.

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