In the beginning - 2002
Photos by Ron Dawes of Sterling Photography

dumbell rule by Fuzzy Faces Free Graphics

Oliver - table
Can somebody give me a lift up here?
Oliver - table
Free base, you're it!
Oliver talks back - just like a kid!
Now, Oliver, hush and put your foot down!
Jill - table
Mom, you look like you are gonna be sick.
Jill - table
Me first! I win!
Jill - long jumps
Watch me push this wall down!
Oliver-jumps long too
I am right behind you, Jill!
Oliver - teeter
Gee, I think I can get to the top!
Jill- teeter
BAM! I love this thing!
Oliver weaves tight
Look at me! I can do this with one eye closed!
Oliver-jumps the double
You want me to go through which hole?
Oliver out the tunnel
It was dark in there, Dad!
Jill out the tunnel
Surprise, surprise! Wee doggies, that was fun!

dumbell rule by Fuzzy Faces Free Graphics

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