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Scotty with a First Placement!

(BISS Ch Fanfare's Incumbent UD ex Stonewall Musical Fanfare)

In 1995, Scotty obtained both the CD and the CDX titles. Novice scores were 195.5, 195, 194.5, with class placements of two first and a second. Open scores were 190, 194.5, 185, with two second placements. Years 1996 & '97 slipped by, but we dusted off the old scent articles used by Cody and "Mac". Scotty attained his Utility Dog title with two first placements and a third with scores of 189, 189, & 191 (4/26/98), making him our second generation of Champion/Utility dogs! Scotty was a Canine Good Citizen on the Fun-Tier KC Drill Team just showin' off, like Cody, "Mac", & Lucy before him.

Scotty heads for the tunnel!

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