Confederates Regal Heir UD



Confederates Regal Heir UD
A "Mario" son
Full brother to "Pollyanna"
Breeders Don Rockwall
& Guy Mauldin

Tony, Tony Bologna, we called him. I was looking for a 6 month old sable female for obedience and I came home with a 2 & 1/2 year old blue merle male! The year was 1979. Tony broke all the house rules and trained us to adjust. In 1980 Tony obtained both his CD & CDX. I do not recall his scores, but I recall his HIT 198.5 from the Open A class. Tony became the 8th sheltie to pass the American Temperament Test Society temperament test. Tony went on "break" while Cory went into Utility training. It was not until 1983 that we got serious about Tony's Utility training. The Utility scores were 198.5 (HIT), 195.5 (second), & 196.5 (third). I think Tony's career average was 196.5. Jumps were not lowered then and the Utility classes were not divided, so Tony went up against OTCHs and still managed to be in the ribbons every time. Tony was everyone's friend, a real sweetheart, a joy to have owned. Thanks for the memories, Tony, as I smile through the tears. More than that, thank you for Cody, who inherited your loyalty, intellegence, and willingness to please, a son of which you should be proud.

Tony struts his stuff!!


Tony takes the jumps!!

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