November 3, 1984 - January 4, 2000

Drill Team Captain, Evelyn Greenberg, presents "Outstanding Service Award" to Craig and Lucy Belle upon Lucy's retirement at age 12.

Unlike her brother, Lucy did not share his enthusiasm for either ring. Perhaps she thought it was not lady like to act so silly. It was obvious that Lucy was Daddy's little girl. Though trained through Novice and Open, Craig never got a "round to it" to take her into the Open ring. Lucy's Novice scores were 193, 190.5, 187, with a third placement. Lucy received her CD just 10 days before her 9th birthday; the same day brother "Mac" earned his first leg on his UD. At age 12, Lucy retired from the Drill Team and honored by the Fun-Tier Kennel Club for her over 100 performances at schools, retirement homes, day cares, and marched in Parades.   Lucy now joins her brother, Mac, and her Nanny, Cody, for a romp through fields of wild flowers or sandy beaches in our dreams.

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