DeeDee is free! DeeDee

Stonewall Musical Fanfare

(Brecon Supreme By Stonewall ex Stonewall Blue Magnolia)

Breeder Edward Sanchez

"DeeDee" Owned Sandy Staffan & Darlene Musick

Dee Dee was purchased from Ed Sanchez when she was 9 weeks old. At 5 months, Dee Dee went to live with Darlene Musick on a co-ownership to grow up and start Darlene out in shelties for a puppy back should Dee Dee ever be bred. It was decided to breed Dee Dee to "Mac" for her first litter. The two blue boys, Scotty & Jamie, went on to become champions. DeeDee showed alot of promise as a producer, but was taken from us much too soon.

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